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Vipul Sheth, MD/PhD

Assistant Professor of Radiology
Stanford Medicine
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Clinical Interests

My interests are in the development and translation of MR imaging technologies geared toward disease detection and characterization to better guide prognosis, treatment, and improve outcomes. I’m interested in supporting the development of MRI guided focal therapy methods which can personalize treatment and reduce the risk of morbidity from more invasive therapies. My clinical interests including MRI of pelvic floor disorders, pelvic malignancies and lymph node staging, whole body MRI, and MRI guided procedures including biopsies, cryoablation, and high intensity focused ultrasound. My research interests are in molecular imaging and characterization of the tumor microenvironment, ultrashort echo time MRI applications in the body, Developing synergistic MRI methods to complement PET in potential applications for PET/MRI.

PET-MR, pelvic floor MR, MR-guided biopsies