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Prostate MRI

Professor, Radiology - Diagnostic Radiology
Member, Stanford Cancer Institute

Clinical Interests

  1. Adult male and female pelvic MRI:  utility of MRI in evaluating pelvic malignancy particularly prostate cancer.
  2. Genitourinary MRI:   Urography, renal structure and function (renal blood flow, single-kidney GFR, extraction fraction) studies with both MRI and CT.  

Advanced techniques of prostate MRI: 

Currently evaluating, along with Dr. Bruce Daniels and others, utility of advanced techniques of MRI,   (DCE, reduced FOV DWI) in visualizing cancer within the gland.   Goals are both to visualize tumor to permit focal ablation, and to estimate tumor size/Gleason grade as a possible factor in patient treatment decision-making.

Sharon Clarke (former fellow)
Jesse McKenney (Urology)
Bruce Daniel
Lewis Shin

Focal prostate ablation under MRI guidance:

The goals are the focal ablation of prostate cancer and BPH “adenoma” under MRI guidance and MRTI (thermal imaging) using specially designed high intensity ultrasound “applicators” that are put directly into the gland (interstitial) or through the urethra (transurethral). 

Focal ablation of pancreatic cancer:

We have designed and are constructing 2 types of ultrasonic applicators that will be inserted endoscopically from above, designed for ablation of pancreatic CA under MRTI.  Below are diagrammatic representations

Kim Butts Pauly 
Chris Diederich and his research group at UCSF
Clinical collaborators include Harchi Gill in Urology and Subhas Banerjee in GI

Grant Support

Ablation studies are supported by R01 funding (prostate) and pancreatic studies by an R21 and P01 studies